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10.11.2013. Successfully completed First International Scientific Professional Conference “Modern Road Maintenance”

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Republic of Srbia Association of Road Industry Employers "PUTAR" in cooperation with the PE "Roads of Serbia"

Are inviting you to participate at

First International Scientific Professional Conference "Modern Road Maintance"
which will be held on November 7-9, 2013 Hotel "Izvor", Aranđelovac

Supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Serbia, Association of Road Industry Employers “Putar”  and the PE “Roads of Serbia” is organizing the First International Scientific and Expert Conference titled “Modern Road Maintenance”, from November 7th to 9th, 2013 at the Izvor Hotel in Aranđelovac, Serbia. The Conference is oriented towards road maintenance, rehabilitation, upgrade and expansion of the road network with the goal to stimulate economic recovery, growth promotion and support to social cohesion. The underlying idea is that the Conference should consider not only the region’s crucial present needs for infrastructure, but also the future developmental needs.

Provision of stable source of financing which will enable the maintenance of I and II category state roads, preservation of their value and primarily the upgrade of traffic safety.

Regional cooperation for the delegations of the ministries will deal with the topics concerning the improvement of regional cooperation and traffic flow on border crossings. Expected results of the Conference are: higher degree of mutual understanding necessary for the upgrade on the regional level, higher efficiency regarding the coordination on global level, expansion of knowledge and positive experience in the region.

Target group consists of the ministers and government officials of the countries in the region, international financiers, experts, investors, consultants, local self-governments, conference of towns, scientists, professors and all persons interested in economic prosperity of the South East Europe.

Main Topics:

Condition of the road network in the Republic of Serbia, proposal of improvements and sustainable financing

Impact of roads maintenance on traffic safety

Maintenance of the road network in the Republic of Serbia (Integrated road information systems)

Roads and environment protection

Final Agenda
II Announcement - Modern Road Maintenance
I Announcement - Modern Road Maintenance
Instructions For Autors
Instruction for EUR payments

Technical exhibition:

- Technical exhibition will be held during the conference in the lobby in front of the Crystal Hall,
- Exhibitors will have 15m2 of available space, the price is 55,000.00 RSD.

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Udruženje Putar
JP Putevi Srbije
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